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November 6th, 2001

Interesting treatise on the relevance of religion. (via camworld) Don’t let the title scare you off, it’s much less hyperbolic in the text.

Two points in it resonate with me. One is that religious belief is not a prerequisite for goodness. (I say ‘religious belief’ to separate the deity and faith element from the moral and ethical teachings that come from religion)

Morality and ethics are separate from religion, and while they can take shelter under its umbrella, they are neither tethered by nor bound to it in any way.

Another is that it’s far too easy to abdicate accountability for difficult-to-face issues to the catch-all “God’s will” bin.

The time has come for humanity to be accountable only for itself for each of us to be fully present in this life and to never be so cruel as to pass off personal responsibility for our actions on an invisible God.

When I make a moral decision, it’s my decision. While I may take input from any number of sources, human or divine, I make the decision and only I am accountable for it. Right now, in this life.

If I determine that an issue is beyond my understanding, I feel no compulsion to define it as understood by a higher power. It’s just a null, to be filled in if the understanding comes along.

Of course, as always, your mileage may vary. Any viewpoint is the right one if it allows you to feel right about yourself while allowing others to approach it their own way.

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