Remarkably out of touch

March 11th, 2002

What the freakin goddam hell is up with the twats at siliconvalley.com who after *at least* a goddam month STILL haven’t got Dan Gillmor’s pages coming up without this error:

Doorknob alert: this is just a picture of an error!!!

the error on Dan Gillmor's page

I saw it the FIRST DAY. I opened my debugger and found the problem with the function initMenus() apparently not being defined before it is called.


I could have told them right away, told them EXACTLY what the problem was (as could anybody with just a smidgen of javascript experience), but NOOOOO, I figured I’d cut them some slack and let them get their kinks figured out. Well, it ain’t happenin’.

As Ace Ventura would say: “Loo-Hoo…Ze-Herrs!!!” Tech credibility down the shitter.

Oh yeah, send me a comment, and when I’ve decided to stop sitting on the fence and take a definite side on this issue, I’ll notify you right away.

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  1. Don’t hold back, Brent. Tell us how you really feel!