cell static

April 3rd, 2002

It’s apparently verboten at most gas stations to use your cellphone while filling your car. I’ve had it explained to me that it’s because when you receive a call there could be some static charge thing happen. I looked up some various stuff on the net, but it’s all inconclusive from what I can see.

If static is such a threat, maybe they should make it illegal to fill up a car while wearing pantyhose and a silk slip.

4 comments to “cell static”

  1. Excellent, and hilarious point. I would advise that they have a lawyer’s only gas station where smoking near the pumps is not only allowed, but encouraged.

  2. Brent, if you’re wearing pantyhose and a silk slip I think you have bigger problems than worrying about blowing up.

  3. Absolutely, at over 6 feet tall, I’d be crazy to wear pantyhose and a slip, especially next to pumps. I’d do much better with knee-highs, cotton panties and slacks, with flats or sandals.

  4. I’ve heard this too, though I’ve also heard that back in the day, the phones used to interfere with the signals that get sent to/from the pump – i.e., it interefered with the gas station’s ability to get the price back from the pump. Course, this is in the U.K. and it may well be different “over the pond”.