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April 3rd, 2002

via Keith Devens: Regular Expression Library

Martin Spernau alludes to a gem of an idea whereby you block adware sites by giving them bogus hosts file entries. lovely and simple. (unfortunately, the site he links to for a hosts list seems to redirect to some really bogus adware popups, so avoid it)

4 comments to “linky winky”

  1. Just a note,: that link would be much better was it directed to “http://regxlib.com/“ instead of “http://

    It’s a pretty good guide to RegExp, so it would be better if the link pointed right.

    // Liorean

  2. Hi Brent!
    yupp, that pop-up is anyoing.
    Maybe try the info on this site: http://www.smartin-designs.com/

  3. I’ve been using the hosts file idea for about a year now. The one I’m currently using is excellent – here’s the comment from the top of the file:

    # This is a ad-blocking hosts file compiled by Mike Skallas (user245@hotmail.com)
    # Available at http://members.home.net/user20million/hosts.html
    # Updated whenever I find another adserver

  4. Where can i find the hosts file by Mike Skallas now? Any ideas. that link is now dead. My last update was Aug 01.