JSRS 2.1 released

June 10th, 2002

Now that Mozilla 1.0 is out, I finally made JSRS work with POST for Mozilla. Some changes broke it around version 0.92, so I’ve been waiting for 1.0 so I know it’s safe to fix it without having to revisit it.

It turned out was a pretty simple change to jsrsClient.js – in an iframe, the document is now known as iframe.contentDocument instead of iframe.document as it was before.

I managed to find the problem with the really neat Venkman ECMAScript debugger and the object browser built into Mozilla. I’ve generally found Mozilla 1.0 to be really fast, slick, very nice to work with.

Of course, the very second I say that I find an issue where I can’t insert a URL in the Movable Type 1.4 blog entry page using Mozilla. The button does nothing. Also, the text box doesn’t wrap. Damn. Maybe it’s fixed in MT2.0. Well, I’m still pretty happy with it anyhow.

One comment to “JSRS 2.1 released”

  1. MT 2.1 fixed the Mozilla wrap problem, but the URL button is fixed by not displaying it (or any of the others) in Mozilla: see a dozen or so bugs in Bugzilla dealing with the way that Mozilla refuses to tell a script anything useful about the selection/caret position in a textarea, with no comments indicating that anyone plans on fixing it anytime soon, if at all. IE’s document.selection.createRange() may be weird and proprietary, but at least it works, and has for longer than most of the relevant bugs in Bugzilla have been open.