The domino effect

May 12th, 2005

Seth Dillingham wonders what’s up with weblogs.com, which seems to be ignoring pings from at least a number of blogs hosted at Conversant.

My friend Terry Frazier, very much alive, laments the implications of the ignored pings.

I was talking to Technorati‘s Derek Powazek this week at the Ajax Summit and he was telling us how their service uses these pings (and other external services from furl and del.icio.us) to do their magic.

If we can’t be reasonably confident of service levels from these resources, how can we be confident in the other services upon which they rely? What recourse have we to demand that problems are fixed or to expect that emails will receive responses?

2 comments to “The domino effect”

  1. Thanks Brent. We don’t know what’s at the root of this, and we’re not suggesting it’s intentional. Could certainly be a technical thing. We’d just like to get a response so we can try to solve it.

  2. Agreed – there is no indication that it is intentional. It can be said I guess that there has not been a response and we don’t know why.

    I’m wondering what kind of responsiveness we should expect and whether it is reasonable to demand any particular level of service from a free resource simply because there are a lot of people relying on it.