I Give Up on Comment Spam

June 4th, 2004

I had about 2000 comment spams to clean up today – lovely topics like rape, incest, bestiality.

I deleted my comment script, and I’ll soon be moving my blog off of Movable Type, although you’ll still be able to find it here. People who want to get in touch with me will be find a way other than comments to do it.



Referer Inspection

May 27th, 2004

Yes I know it’s “Referrer”, that is unless it’s the HTTP specification.

How is it I get a hundred hits a day from this page? Sure, there’s a link to me on it, and a bogus unnecessary broken image reference to my page (and every other page on it) that causes a hit every time someone opens it but do hundreds of people actually visit this gawdawful noisy page every day?


Spam sender names revisited

May 15th, 2004

Recently I showed you some of the ridiculous fictitious spam sender names that have been filling my inbox lately.

Today I got one that sums up my entire spam folder – the sender was “Unopened S. Abundant”


Spam to the rescue?

May 5th, 2004

I forgot to plug in the power for my new laptop last night. I worked on it all evening, went to bed, and came down to find it outta juice this morning.

I thought to myself – that’s great, it lasted three hours while I was using it last night, I wonder how long it kept going after that? Not having any logging happening, I wondered how I’d figure it out.

It turned out to be pretty simple. I checked my spam folder (all my spam gets identified by Simplefilter and put in a folder). The steady stream of spam stopped at 4:30am. I deleted them all, and when I retrieved my email again, the first one was from 4:31am.

<sarcasm>Good old reliable spam. </sarcasm>


Credibility gap

April 14th, 2004

Dubya had his prime time news conference tonight, and what an impossibly unrelenting doofus he continues to be. Waffle waffle. Blather blather. Never wrong. Made no mistakes. We’re winning. We’re all better off.

I don’t feel better off yet, nor do I see it on the horizon. Do the Iraquis? Does the American public? Does the rest of the free world? Are there more or less people bent on the destruction of Western values since these developments?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Oh yeah, and what a brilliant show of his speaking and thinking skills. Last of the great orators. Master debater.


New wireless toy

April 1st, 2004

Toy time again. FactoryDirect sent a coupon to me (I subscribe to their monthly specials email) for two of these USB Ezonics802.11b/128Mb flash beasties for Cdn$99, so Tim and I got one each. There’s a switch on it that swaps it from being a memory key to being a WiFi adapter. It also comes with a 3ft extension cable.

The cool thing about a USB wireless network adapter is that you can use it on multiple machines, even on a machine you don’t usually use.

The bogus thing about a USB wireless network adapter is that to use it on a different machine, you have to carry around a damn CD to install the driver.

The really neato thing about this toy is that you put the driver install files on the memory key part of it, so you’ve got it with you when you need it.


Spot the turkey!

March 29th, 2004

It’s my turn to do my bit to balance the propaganda spin.

Hidden somewhere in this picture is the biggest, most completely baked turkey in the whole wide world. Can you spot it?



Midwifery O. Debauchery

March 27th, 2004

Here are some of the fictitious email sender names used to spam my inbox lately.

Congest P. Snobbiest
Elitists A. Alabama
Midwifery O. Debauchery
Phobia C. Openness
Garners C. Residence
Pains B. Ostracism
Zwieback D. Steadfastness
Unsound T. Parkas
Geostationary D. Charger
Admiralty B. Demobilizes
Indelicacy L. Horrors
Localize E. Corrector
Convulsions T. Fibula
Temperance A. Apaches