the right tool for the job

March 13th, 2002

Dougal is looking for Netscape 4.x Sucks articles.


Dear FM100.2;

Why can’t I hear your radio station in full hi-fidelity stereo on my monaural transistor radio? It works fine when I use my home stereo system. Why do you design your radio station to only support certain radios? My AM radio in my car doesn’t even get your station. You could at least design it to degrade gracefully.

Signed Joe User


Memo from Marketing to Tech Staff:

Guys, come on, stop being prima donnas and give our customers what they need. Our stats show us that a full 8% of our audience tries to tune us in on AM radios. I don’t care how, you have to provide them with the SAME experience as other users. Everyone must have exactly the same experience or you’ll ruin our branding initiative.


v 1.1 Release Notes:

– reduced audio to 16khzmono to unify experience across platforms
– put hooks in to accomodate split AM/FM transmission in future
– scrapped plans for digital station id – not cross-radio compatible.


fab cross-browser dhtml api

March 13th, 2002

The TechnoMagician pointed me to cross-browser.com, where Mike Foster has a killer dhtml api happening. Very nice indeed.


Remarkably out of touch

March 11th, 2002

What the freakin goddam hell is up with the twats at siliconvalley.com who after *at least* a goddam month STILL haven’t got Dan Gillmor’s pages coming up without this error:

Doorknob alert: this is just a picture of an error!!!

the error on Dan Gillmor's page

I saw it the FIRST DAY. I opened my debugger and found the problem with the function initMenus() apparently not being defined before it is called.


I could have told them right away, told them EXACTLY what the problem was (as could anybody with just a smidgen of javascript experience), but NOOOOO, I figured I’d cut them some slack and let them get their kinks figured out. Well, it ain’t happenin’.

As Ace Ventura would say: “Loo-Hoo…Ze-Herrs!!!” Tech credibility down the shitter.

Oh yeah, send me a comment, and when I’ve decided to stop sitting on the fence and take a definite side on this issue, I’ll notify you right away.


moving to movable

March 7th, 2002

After enjoying free blog hosting at Manilasites for a year, I’ve decided to bring my blog inhouse. Nothing at all wrong with Manila or Manilasites, I just want to have complete control over the storage and lifetime of my content.

I’m going to leave my Manilasite in place for historical reference (there are quite a few other blogs and google entries pointing to it) and refer people to my new blog here at http://brentashley.blogchat.com.

You’ll notice, though, that I’ve carried my archives forward too.


Paris in the the spring

February 28th, 2002

Francois-Georges Cloutier sent me an email about my JSRS browser rpc library. He pointed me a site he did last year using some similar RPC stuff. Wow. This Parillusion site is some of the keenest DHTML UI I’ve yet to see. IE4+ only, but way, way cool.

Hey! Did I not just say it was way, way cool?!? What the heck are you doing down here reading this paragraph? Fer pity’s sake, click the dang link with all speed, get in there, maximize, minimize, explore, scroll, play about. You’ll thank yourself.


keepin the boat afloat

February 28th, 2002

Back to making money, feeding the family. Critical fixes being shoved into zip, no updates or feature bloat happening. I’ve got some ideas of where i’ll be going with this, but for the moment it’s back to surviving the dotcom depression without greeting the bailiff at the door. I’ll be online fairly regularly to answer any questions, though.


Sharing the code

February 26th, 2002

Roland says:

Brent has updated his Manila site to put the BlogChat window at the top. Cool! Please share the code, Brent!

Here you go, Roland:

<iframe src="http://www.yoursite.xxx/blogchat/anybodyhome.php"
height="225" width="525">


More firsts.

February 25th, 2002

NOTE: The BlogChat window that was on this page has been moved to the top of my main blog template. If you’re viewing this as a historical page, you’ll have to click on the button at the top right there to pop up a BlogChat window if I’m available.

Okay, I’m tired of being polite about it.

It’s the year 2002. Netscape 4 is a dilapidated junker, rusted through the floorboards and belching smoke. Get those damn things off the friggin road!! There are FREE alternatives available to you.

If you are a web designer, a web scripter, a website owner, a marketing person in charge of your company’s web face, NOW HEAR THIS:

If you are spending specific effort in making your website work for NS4 when it already works with DOM-compatible browsers (or worse, when it doesn’t), YOU ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM. People are not going to drop NS4 as long as it’s being accomodated. Stop it!!!

Oh, yeah, yes I could probably make BlogChat work with NS4, but NO I WILL NOT.

Don’t get all namby-pamby on me about being inclusive and accomodating, either. I’m not listening LA LA LA LA LA.

Nice work by brennen, getting the first working Mac OS/X server running BlogChat. No active link yet, but the proof is there.

I integrated Nate’s CSS styling work into my BlogChat, looks really nice.

I moved my own BlogChat server from my home Linux machine to phpwebhosting.com. Not that my home box or connection couldn’t cut it, I’ve had up to 12 people on at once without any noticeable problems (except for the obvious problem of trying to follow 12 people in a little chat window).

Tim‘s yet another guy who’s BlogChatting.

Gonna hafta put up a links gallery. I’ll be starting a new website for this soon. Keep on the lookout for BlogChat.com (no link because it ain’t ready yet).