House of mirrors

December 20th, 2001

I’m using my laptop (kerouac – my ‘on the road’ machine), running the VNC client on Win2000 to connect my Linux box (douglas – guess I should really change that static ip to 42), where I get an Xvnc session in which I’m running VMWare on Linux to host NT4 (ntvm) to support some IIS stuff.

I’ve downloaded VNC to load onto the virtual NT box that’s running in the virtual X session on douglas that I’m viewing from kerouac, so now I can minimize the VMWare window, disconnect from douglas leaving the Xvnc session running, and connect “directly” to ntvm via vnc.


The maze of actual and virtual connections reminds me of the conversation Jasmine and I had at the dinner table tonight about our complicated extended family tree connected by various direct and indirect levels of blood, adoption, and friendship.


Ready for prime time

December 18th, 2001

I’ve been saying for ages that Linux will never be ready for prime time until I can take a bare machine, pop the disk in, and have it up and configured pretty well automatically, without partitioning, farting with X parameters, finding drivers, all that.

Well, today I got myself a dedicated box to run Linux on – a used Compaq Deskpro PII-400/6Gig/64Meg/CD/100bT + 128MegSIMM altogether for $375CDN ($250US) from Factory Direct.

Plugged the thing in, connected my monitor, schlepped in my cut-from-downloaded-iso-images Mandrake 8.1 CD #1, and in about a half an hour, I had me a complete Linux server and X workstation running. Auto-detected everything, partitioned itself, the whole whack. Pulled off the monitor, connected by VNC, voila, a headless X server.

Now I got me some serious spelunking to do.


Funky Claude was running in and out

December 6th, 2001

Adam Curry, in one of his true-life rock’n’roll stories, this one about Robert Palmer but with a small bit about Deep Purple:

A little known fact is that Deep Purple’s anthem Smoke on the Water was not only recorded in Montreux, but is about a mishap there.

Funny that it’s a “little known fact” when it’s all spelled out right there in the lyrics. You gotta be high on drugs not to get the connection.

Oh yeah, Deep Purple. Nevermind.


and the sun comes up…

December 1st, 2001

I’m here in Santa Monica. Looks like I’ll be going to Chico’s gig tonight at Casey’s somewhere up in the valley. It’ll be great with me, Chico, and his son Ray all sitting in on the drums.

Tomorrow’s the big get-together. All of Chico’s various (known!)progeny together for the first time ever!

Life certainly is interesting…


busy as a freakin bee

November 29th, 2001

Wacky week.

Cable company splits from @Home, screws up customer base during transition in a big way.

Visited my sister and her family an hour away on the weekend, forgot the camera there.

Learned that my tax return from April is FINALLY going to come through – woohoo! Where to spend it all, you ask? Within literally two hours of hearing this, the idler pulley broke on the family van, chewing the serpentine belt, lost steering, overheated engine. Tow, repair, etc. So much for the tax return.

Chico’s having a shindig in Santa Monica this weekend, so they’ve arranged flights for me on Friday, back on Monday. No sense in going to the pier while I’m there, the roller coaster’s nothing compared to my life this week.

Better get the camera for the wacky weekend – oops, it’s an hour drive to get that, but I have two commitments tomorrow on opposite sides of the planet and my wife needs the car for Jasmine’s Dr. appt. So I gotta rent a car.

It’s probably fixed by now, but Linux Today was Hax0r3d today. This is a pretty significant Linux site, root compromised. Whaddya wanna bet there’s not a peep about it in the press. Of course if some bogus open file share on a Microsoft server gets some files deleted it’s page one news.



November 24th, 2001

this page intentionally left blank


sweetness and light

November 21st, 2001

I’ve had a few things to blog about over the past week or so but I just can’t bring myself to launch into a weighty philosophical discussion, a tirade about corporate avarice, a whackload of dry technical dross, or some inane blather about inconsequential trivia.

Like as if you all hang on my every frickin word anyhow.

Frivolity. That’s what we need. Raw, unmitigated lightness of being. Now, just to find it somewhere….?


gonna pump you up

November 15th, 2001

Pike has jumped into the (very polite) fray.

I think it’s great that we’re able to ‘blog philosophical’ while respecting each other’s views.

The Garden of Eden question raised by Pike reminds me of another ongoing discussion with Tim. Luckily, this gives me an opportunity to drag it out of the religious context and into the development (personal and programming) context.

I’ve been flabby for over a decade. It’s from lack of excercise. I eat right (although I’m reducing the volume), but I haven’t been calling upon my muscles to do any work, so they’ve become loose and aren’t there when I need them. I’m gonna have to work out to fix this.

I haven’t been doing much Perl lately. I found a need recently and I actually had to look up how to find how many elements there are in a hash (scalar keys %hash). If I had been excercising my Perl skills, it would have been right there in my brain.

I’ve had two clients this year end up owing me money. I had not planned for it. I’ve built up a buffer against this now.

We all had a remarkably shitty thing enter our lives a couple of months ago. We’re all stronger for having reassessed our lives, adjusted our perspective.

If our children are insulated from conflict, difficulties, danger, they will not develop the skills and immunities necessary to survive emotionally or physically.

Back to my point. One’s ethics and psyche will only build and then remain strong if excercised. Without the forbidden fruit, there would not have been an opportunity to learn from the ethical experience. I’ve gotta say again though that forever is a bit of a hard lesson.